MyWorldGo WoW Classic Guide: Finding a relatively fixed group will provide a lot of convenience

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    One thing you must consider is that in WoW Classic, you may not be able to get any rewards when you spend a lot of time, because the unique mechanics of this game make everything full of variables. When you successfully join a team and try to challenge the dungeon, if you and the team members can't produce good synergy, all your efforts can be futile. But for me, it is this daunting feeling that makes me more like WoW Classic. I have spent hundreds of hours exploring the area in the Battle of Azeroth, but the same area in WoW Classic has brought me the feeling of danger and adventure. Here, I must always pay attention to the surrounding environment to avoid being besieged by aggressive monsters. When I was playing WoW Classic, I rarely used autopilot because it was very interesting to wander around in this interesting world - except during those occasional 20-minute hikes to nearby zones.

    Your best source of experience in WoW Classic is the variety of tasks that the system provides, but they are usually some of the most popular junk. Tasks in many areas are very rare, and tasks that require players to kill monsters and collect materials feel like a dull job. For example, "killing 12 wild boars and collecting 5 fangs in an open field" is not very interesting, especially when the drop rate of items required for the mission is low and you need to compete with other players. Whenever I encounter this kind of task, I miss my 120-level demon hunter very much. This character allows me to kill dozens of wild boars at once.

    Although I am mainly attracted by the challenges of WoW Classic, in some cases, this kind of challenge will give people a very bad feeling, unless you can join a relatively fixed team or group. In some specific areas, the density of monsters can become very high, especially in caves. The result of this situation is that when you want to kill a monster, you will be besieged by a large number of monsters around you to die. It's hard to kill all the monsters in the area in a single action. When you reach your destination, the monster behind you is likely to be reborn and blocked on your way to the exit. And when you die next to the monster, the monster will attack and kill you again when you are resurrected.

    Therefore, the team is very important, if you want to complete the tasks in these caves, you need to work with other players. In the dozens of hours in WoW Classic, I worked with countless strangers to avoid being repeatedly killed by the enemy. Not only that, but I also established friendships with some of the players and I have met more new friends. This is the biggest gain that WoW brings to players.

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