MyWorldGo Path of Exile: Blight arrives on September 9

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  • Continuing its steady trend of significant growth in the past, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has revealed the subsequent major update visiting the free-to-play action-RPG. In the upcoming Blight expansion, players are going to take on a questline that introduces a whole new tower defense mode, yielding much more loot to outfit your characters with. This new update follows a collection of other new expansions previously year who have overhauled a crucial part of the game, introducing new events and storylines for players to participate in.

    Just before its reveal, we've got an early glance at the new content, which releases on September 6 for PC, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One September 9. The Blight update introduces a fresh storyline involving an NPC named Sister Cassia who tasks players to repel the encroaching corruption that's taken root across the globe. To fight off these waves of monsters, you will have to construct complex machines to aid stem the tide. offer Cheap POE Items, which is now available for purchase immediately. According to the developers, the intent of such Blight encounters should be to offer players to be able to take on bite-sized events which could open up entry to better loot. The reward for clearing these fights are items called Oils, which may buff existing gear and convey new items for the character.

    As is tradition, the modern expansion may also introduce a whole new suite of quality-of-life changes. These include revamps to your Atlas of Worlds questing system, new class and skill tweaks, and many fixes emphasizing league play. Recommend to you to buy Buy POE Currency in I am buying here with my partners. Following the reception from previous expansions, the developers needed to focus much more about letting players see the game at their unique pace, and tackle events inside order they desire.

    The Blight update arrives on September 9 and it is free.