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  • Posted On : Jul 16, 2021
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  • Description : Briefly introduce the material of the kitchen faucet:
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  • Briefly introduce the material of the kitchen faucet:

    1. Non-standard copper, which is the most used in China, will really precipitate a lot of harmful substances. In addition, some faucets on the market are made of zinc alloy. In fact, many of the domestic leaders are zinc alloys, so everyone should pay attention to avoid buying this kind.

    2. National standard copper is the copper material required by the national standard GB18145-2014 of the People's Republic of China. The national standard has standard requirements for the precipitation of metal pollutants.

    The national standard copper is generally HPb59 copper (with a copper content greater than or equal to 59%), which is used in most European countries.

    3. Lead-free copper is generally used for faucets exported to North America. The standard in the United States and Canada is CUPC. Faucets without this certificate are not allowed to be sold. South America is also available, but it is not mandatory.

    4. H63, H65 copper means that the copper content is greater than or equal to 63%, 65%, this kind of copper is relatively soft, and is generally used for processing parts with large deformation such as elbows.

    5. DR copper, or DZR copper, is used to export to Australia and New Zealand's faucets. Because the water and salt content there is high, special copper is needed to prevent the precipitation of zinc.

    6.4MS copper is used as the copper material for drinking water faucets in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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