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  • Description : Generally, neck pain is a common issue among people and if it is chronic and intolerable, you should not neglect it.


  • Generally, neck pain is a common issue among people and if it is chronic and intolerable, you should not neglect it. Visit a professional at Neck Center, if the condition is uncontrollable. 


    The common causes of neck pain:


    Muscle strain caused by poor body posture can cause pain in your neck. This can happen due to bad sleeping positions and bending your head in the wrong way. Also, when you hold the cell phone between your neck and ears or fall suddenly when sitting on a chair for a long time. Get a consultation from the professional at Neck Center Ny if the pain is unbearable.


    Other causes:




    Neck pain may occur when you have an accident and whiplash all of a sudden. If a strong blow or crash happens, your neck will be forcibly pulled out and because of this, you may feel severe neck pain. Moreover, when pain is extreme, you can also feel headaches.  Such a condition requires treatment at Neck Center New York.


    Cervical disk troubles:


    When you are older, you may experience cervical disk problems leading to neck pain. These disks are found in the center of the vertebral disk gaps. They are made of a soft, gel-like material that works as a cushion between our disks. They become thinner when you are overaged. Moreover, it may cause the protrusion of your disks and compress to the nerves nearby them. Rheumatoid arthritis is also the cause of neck pain as it causes inflammation in neck joints making them stiff. Consider a treatment at Neck Center Manhattan, if the inflammation increases. 


    Diagnosis and Treatment of Neck Pain:


    For proper diagnosis, the doctors recommend an x-ray of the neck so that the root cause of the neck pain can be detected. The x-ray will help to know whether the neck has fractured bones or not. Moreover, it will also help detect joint displacements or any indications of arthritis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is another way to identify if there are compressed nerves in the neck and if the tissues are damaged.


    Once the root cause of the pain is confirmed, professionals will be able to suggest the correct option of the treatment. The treatment may vary depending on the cause of the severity of the pain. 


    Respite and restraint in movements:


    This type of neck pain is caused by muscle strain. The strained muscles will need some rest to get recovered. This can be done using a neck collar. A neck collar functions to hold the head up and to decrease neck mobility. The use of a neck collar will help the ligaments to heal.            






    If neck pain is beyond the tolerance level, the doctors may prescribe analgesics to you. Although, if you have the tendency to tolerate the pain, the medicines must be avoided as they may be risky for some people. Apply cold compresses instead daily to lessen the inflammation and to alleviate the distress. You can apply it on the neck for about fifteen to twenty minutes quite a few times in one day for better and effective results.  If your pain is chronic, you will be recommended a higher dosage or stronger analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs  


    Physical therapy: it is very beneficial for strained muscles if involved in day-to-day activities. The muscles get relaxed when offered a good massage. 


    Chiropractic care: 


    Chiropractors practice chiropractic adjustments to provide relief to the patient of neck pain. It effectively deals with the root cause of the pain to eliminate your neck pain properly. Chiropractors make cervical or spinal adjustments after detecting the position and source of the pain. 


    Surgery: This is usually done for pains aroused by cervical disk issues.

    Don’t hesitate to opt for surgical procedures if any of the non-surgical procedures do not provide you the effective results.



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