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  • Posted On : Aug 01, 2021
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  • When you look at your home, what do you see? Do you notice the roof, windows, or doors first? Or, perhaps do you see the siding first? Siding makes up a huge portion of homes. It is quite a bit of square footage, especially if your home is on the larger end.

    Siding is available in a variety of options and has a reputation for lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 years. Depending on how much shade your home receives, you can expect long-lasting results from most siding types. If you're considering replacing your home siding in the near future, it's important to factor in a few things first. Let's take a look at some of the key features of siding and what you should know.


    What Type Is Best For Your Property

    Siding shopping can be confusing. You can choose wood, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement. Depending on your budget, you may want to lean towards more cost-effective options like vinyl. However, you shouldn't simply rely on your budget to dictate what siding your home uses. This is because your siding is incredibly important. Fiber cement can produce excellent results, is incredibly durable, and has a good reputation for affordability.


    Do You Have an HOA Requirement

    Before talking to a contractor, you should assess your HOA requirements. If you are in a homeowners association right now, they may have limitations as to what you can do with your home. This is so that the community standards can be upheld. This is the same reason if you don't cut your grass frequently, you can receive a fine.


    Is It In Your Budget To Replace?

    In some cases, it may not be an appropriate time to replace your home siding. Keep in mind that the process for replacing an entire home's siding can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. If you have to paint the siding, it can take an additional two days on top of the installation time. For some homeowners, it may be best to simply make repairs to damaged siding areas as opposed to replacing the entire thing.


    Final Thoughts

    If you’ve been considering replacing your home’s siding, remember to consider the above. It’s a larger home renovation, but it’s one that offers tremendous benefits to your property. Always remember to work with a qualified Northern Virginia Siding Contractor too. This will produce the best results and likely be backed with a satisfaction guarantee or warranty.