MyWorldGo Classic City Bicycle Factory Introduces The Characteristics Of Bicycle Use

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  • Posted On : Aug 06, 2021
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  • Description : Classic City Bicycle Factory introduces the precautions for the use of bicycle grips:


  • Classic City Bicycle Factory introduces the precautions for the use of bicycle grips:

    1. Mountaineering grip: Don't straighten your arms completely, just bend slightly to make it easy to ride.

    The wrong way of riding a bicycle is the most common wrong posture when riding a bicycle for the first time. The arms will be straight and the shoulders will be high. If there is no timely correction, the shoulders will feel very sore immediately after less than ten minutes of riding.

    Straight handles the correct riding method, the most correct riding method firstly bend the arms slightly by 20 degrees, do not fully straighten or extend the hand axis, relax the shoulders, do not need to tower, the body can move forward naturally.

    1. Road grip: the position of the grip should be correct, and the body should lean forward easily

    The wrong way to ride the handlebar is only one situation where the hand will be placed under the handlebar, that is, when the player is ready to sprint to the finish line, the wind resistance will decrease. Therefore, we usually ride on the road and the hand is not placed in that position.
    Ride the handlebar correctly, with the center of gravity facing forward, arms slightly bent, do not stretch out, palms on the upper edge of the handlebars, the tiger’s mouth close to the fingers, and lightly touch the brake handle, the body bends naturally, no need to deliberately perform other postures.

    Through the above introduction,City Bicycle Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.