MyWorldGo 3d Embossed Fabric Supplier Introduces The Rules Of Fabric Embossing

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  • Posted On : Aug 09, 2021
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  • Description : 3d Embossed Fabric Supplier introduces what process is the embossing and embossing of fabrics?


  • 3d Embossed Fabric Supplier introduces what process is the embossing and embossing of fabrics?

    The high-frequency wave is generated by the tube self-excited oscillator to generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The processed object is pressed between the upper and lower electrodes with high-frequency electromagnetic field. Its internal molecules are excited and move at high speeds to rub against each other to generate heat and melt. To achieve the purpose of welding or embossing.

    High-frequency application fields are wide, so there are currently high-frequency plastic welding machines, high-frequency leather-plastic fusing machines, high-frequency folding box creasing machines, high-frequency metal casting machines, high-frequency metal heating machines, etc.

    The working principle is that the dielectric material activates the positively charged molecules under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic, so that the positively charged molecules of the dielectric material move at a high speed, and the friction generates heat to make the welding.

    Through the above introduction, Custom Embossed Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.