MyWorldGo Dental Bridge: The Best Solution To Fill Unsightly Gaps.

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  • Description : A lost tooth or a few missing teeth are clearly visible as gaps between the teeth. This is more evident in the case of the front teeth.


  • A lost tooth or a few missing teeth are clearly visible as gaps between the teeth. This is more evident in the case of the front teeth. In such cases, it affects your smile badly and you intend to close your mouth when you feel like laughing in front of others. Such a case requires DDS near me.


    Many people suffer from tooth loss due to a variety of reasons ranging from improper hygiene to trauma. What is the answer to correcting this tooth loss? A tooth lost or even a few teeth lost can be replaced using a fixed method of replacement such as dental bridges. This is a convenient and less expensive method of tooth replacement in comparison to dental implants. Therefore, visit the Dentist Office Near Me to determine the best option suitable for your condition. 


    Why Dental bridge?


    Many people give importance only to their smile and if a missing tooth (or teeth) hampers their smile then they go in for a replacement. But, this kind of misconception is not right. Every tooth in the arch is equally important. So, any tooth that is missing should be replaced, or else the integrity of the other teeth will be hampered. This could cause movement of the other teeth in the long run, causing them to be lost prematurely.


    A dental bridge is a good option for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges are fixed replacements, making them far easier to handle than removable replacements. Although a bridge replacement might be much more expensive than getting a removable replacement, it is worth the money. A dental bridge can be used to cover the unsightly gaps created because of the missing teeth. Get the procedure done at the Dental Clinic Near Me.


    Dental Bridge Types:


    Depending on the tooth or teeth that need to be replaced, the dentist might opt for different types of dental bridges. Some types that the dentist would construct would include conventional bridges, resin-bonded types, and cantilever bridges.


    • Conventional bridges can be constructed for replacing any missing tooth or teeth but need sound teeth on both sides of the missing space for providing support to the bridge.


    • A resin-bonded type of bridge is preferred for replacing front teeth. This type of bridge has a metal band that is bonded to the adjacent teeth of the missing space and will be the support to hold the replacement teeth. But, this type cannot be used to replace back teeth due to the hard forces generated during chewing.


    • Cantilever bridges are preferred when there are no teeth on one side and sound teeth on the other side for support, as in a missing last molar. It is also preferred in missing teeth in the front area as support can be derived from the back tooth and changes to the front sound teeth can be avoided.


    Preparation of Dental Bridges:




    • When you walk in dentist, the dental specialist will take x-rays and conduct a visual examination to assess the soundness of the adjoining teeth that will provide support to the bridge. Once the type of support has been ascertained, the dentist will decide on the type of dental bridge that is apt for replacing the missing tooth or teeth.


    • The supporting teeth will be prepared and shaped so that they can support the dental bridge and hold it in place. During the preparation, the dentist might prefer to anesthetize the area with a local anesthetic.


    • Once the preparation of the tooth is complete, the dentist will then proceed to make impressions of your teeth, which will then be sent to a lab for fabrication of the dental bridge. The fabrication process will take some days during which the dentist may provide you with a temporary bridge.


    • The temporary bridge will be removed once the permanent one is ready. The fabricated bridge will then be placed and fixed to the supporting teeth with the help of some type of cement or even resins.

    Find A Dentist Near Me to get the procedure completed effectively, if your tooth is damaged or broken.

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