MyWorldGo If you have played Van WoW, then maybe you have an impression of these things

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  • It is important to learn and master new abilities
    In Vanilla WoW, it is more terrible to learn new skills than lost and complicated task texts, which is a big challenge for most players. This is especially true in pet skills - your pets have multiple offensive abilities, and they all have their own abilities. You must be proficient in using different pets to improve their skill level before applying these abilities to the subject. . However, Blizzard never told you about this knowledge. Those simple hunters often only use the basic abilities of their pets from start to finish. Not only that, but the weapons at the time also had a lot of skills, but they were uniformly removed during the Cataclysm expansion. In later versions, the player only needs to pick up a delicate new weapon, then attack the monster, and then spend hours to wave it, thereby improving the ability to use the weapon.
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    Interesting PvP system and rewards
    In the earliest World of Warcraft, there is an old-school honor system that allows you to unlock a cooler military title and gain some unique battlefield equipment, which excites many players who are passionate about PvP - despite the burning expedition It was removed after the 2.0.1 version update.
    However, encouragement does not mean that you can abuse. What you should do is to heroically kill the enemy on the battlefield, instead of killing the civilians of the hostile factions. If you kill an NPC that is not attacking and is labeled "civilian" such as a supplier or grocery store owner, your actions will be considered a disgraceful killing, it will make you lose all honors and you will therefore be unable to Access premium content from the battlefield store.
    The culmination of this event comes from the addition of the battlefield mode in the 1.5 patch, which allows players to upgrade PvP levels faster. But even then, it didn't compare to the immersive, exhilarating feeling that every player was part of a greater struggle against an enemy force. I may have only made it Senior Sergeant—which feels a bit being deputy manager in a team of two —but it's still one of my proudest vanilla WoW achievements.

    Install the game with discs
    This is what happens in real old games, players can install the game by purchasing a boxed World of Warcraft client discs. But what really makes sense is the giveaway in this mysterious box. From its gorgeous appearance, you can appreciate the depth of the best MMORPG in history. To the gorgeous artwork and satisfying velcro tab that kept the box closed, everything about the vanilla WoW box feels delightfully antiquated. There's also something special about knowing that the version that comes on the disc is a venerable, unpatched mess, exactly as the Blizzard gods First intended. A true relic of the age.

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