MyWorldGo Blizzard solves gray area problem through WoW Classic layered vulnerability

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  • Posted On : Sep 19, 2019
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  • After a few days of WoW Classic players complaining about layered exploitation, Blizzard finally explained the problem straightforwardly on this issue.

    WoW, community manager Josh "Lore" Allen published the issue at the Blizzard Forum yesterday, claiming that the "key factor" in determining whether tiered use is punished is "intention." Layering allows players to join different "layers" to kill the same enemy over and WoW Classic Gold over again, gaining continuous experience and falling items.

    “The key factor here is the intention,” said Lor. “Do the players do something that has a specific intent that caused the failure to occur and do they use these failures for their benefit?”

    Lore said that players who abuse layered exploits must do something "very weird" to happen and then repeat the action. According to Lor, this will be considered punishable, as players are doing their best to trigger failures and benefit from them.

    However, in other cases of inadvertently copying the fault, Blizzard considered the action to be an accident.

    When he and his guild attacked Molten Core, the popular Warcraft Streamer Esfand encountered a layered failure. The guild stopped at Ragnaros and then reorganized after receiving the fire resistance of Blackrock Spire. A failure occurs when a player who does not make a surprise invites all guild members and the owner of Molten Core to reset.

    Esfand and his guild realized that all the bosses had reset and reported to Blizzard. Lore entered the streaming chat and asked the guild to approve the Molten Core to be re-cleared because there was no clear intention to use the game.

    "They didn't do anything deliberately cause it or go looking for copy steps so they can abuse it they report to us and until they confirm that it is not under their control (and we don't think it's used if they Clear), "Lor said.

    Although Esfand got this recognition, Lore acknowledged that tiered failure is still not the MMO that Blizzard wants because it wants to "provide a level playing field for the fan base."

    For future tiered instances, Blizzard will screen all the nuances and backgrounds of each case before making a judgment.