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  • Posted On : Aug 20, 2021
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  • Description : Although they are designed for durability when exposed to the elements, solar panels will require a certain amount of maintenance.


  • Although they are designed for durability when exposed to the elements, solar panels will require a certain amount of maintenance. A very small amount of care is needed if only to make them run smoothly and to generate the maximum amount of power. Solar repair and maintenance don’t cost very much and aren’t a task you will need to do frequently. It's simply a case of making sure the optimal conditions for power generation occur. 


    Keep Them Clean:


    Depending on the climate you live in, solar panels can get dirty quickly and a layer of dust, grime, or other debris can actually block the sun's rays from reaching the PV cells inside your solar panels. You should hire the services of solar repair and maintenance near me to get efficient power results. 


    Wipe down your panels regularly. If you can't get at the system easily (because it's on the roof or another hard-to-reach location), make a note of the rainfall and get up on the roof at least twice each year for a wipe down. Always be gentle, yet firm and aim to clear any debris including fallen leaves, dirt, and messes from birds flying overhead. Rain can help to clean off the panels, but you may still need to get rid of any jammed in pieces or those too large for the rain to move. Get the help of solar repair companies near me in order to keep the system clean and maintained. 


    Inspect the Panels:


    While you're up on the roof to clean the panels you should conduct an inspection of the system. Try to do this once a year and record the condition of the panels in a notebook or some other place where you can reference it easily. That way when it comes time for next year's inspection you will have a record of the last condition and be able to note any deterioration or potential problems. Hire professional services from a solar repair company, if there are any issues you are facing regarding power efficiency.


    One of the reasons that solar panel systems are such low-maintenance products is the lack of moving parts. Your panel is sealed in to provide protection for the elements. But this design means that the parts inside are protected and built for durability. If your panels remain undamaged the likelihood of solar system service maintenance near me is very slim. Inspections are still necessary to check for that damage and to do light cleaning of the panels.


    Clear a Path:


    If your solar panels are installed in an area where trees and high bushes have grown to block their way, you'll need to tackle some maintenance on the lawn and garden. Trim any tree branches that will be potentially in the way.


    Also, for panel systems mounted in a standalone setup, be sure that the panels are clear of long grass and plants underneath. You don't want animals living under there and you can't have that vegetation growing up and around the panel, eventually overshadowing and robbing your system of the necessary sunlight.


    Although the maintenance is minimal, it is still required for solar panels. Keep them clean and operational and you can look forward to eco-friendly power generation for years to come.

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