MyWorldGo Hongyi Hydraulic Product Introduction

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  • Posted On : Oct 08, 2019
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  • Description : Taizhou Hongyi hydraulic vane pump Factory Outlet, Spot Supply.
  • Location : Taizhou, 浙江省中国


  • Taizhou Hongyi hydraulic vane pump Factory Outlet, Spot Supply.

    The products are used in the fields of industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, grinding machines, automatic lathes, working machines, shoe-making machinery and various hydraulic systems.

    Hongyi hydraulic vane pump features:

    1. The pump core uses V-series vane pump core, which is reliable in operation and flexible and convenient to use.

    2. The design of pulsation exhaustion structure is increased, which greatly reduces the pressure pulsation and makes the noise lower.

    3. The thickened shell design increases the strength and anti-vibration performance of the pump, and at the same time, the sound attenuation performance is superior.

    Our company has more than 100 CNC grinding machines imported from Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan, ensuring high production quality. At the same time, we strictly control the quality and inspection in the production process.

    Our company has hexagonal 3D coordinate instrument, hardness tester and metallographic processing equipment. We have established a perfect quality management system and passed ISO 9001-2008 certification to ensure stable quality.

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