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  • Posted On : Sep 28, 2021
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  • Description : Crowns and veneers are both dental restoration methods that can improve the function and look of your teeth.


  • Crowns and veneers are both dental restoration methods that can improve the function and look of your teeth. A dental crown covers the entire tooth and a veneer covers only the front of your tooth this is the only main difference between them. It is important to know which one is best for you because dental restoration procedures are costly. Both have good success rates although the procedures are different. Here’s a look at how they are used and look at the differences between crowns and veneers.


    Difference between a crown and a veneer


    A crown covers the whole tooth and is about 2 mm in thickness. It can be porcelain fused to a metal alloy (PFM), all-porcelain, or an all-metal alloy. Whereas a Veneers teeth are about 1 millimeter(mm) in thickness that is bonded to the front of your existing tooth and has a very thin layer of porcelain or other materials. 


    It will depend on the condition of your teeth whether a crown or a veneer is right for you and what you are trying to fix. Here are some common conditions for restoration which are as follows:


    1. Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
    2. Crooked teeth
    3. Discolored teeth
    4. Weakened or decayed teeth


    Except for all-metal crowns, Both crowns and veneers are color-matched to your teeth. 


    When are crowns the best choice?


    When there are more fundamental issues with existing tooth crown are typically needed instead of a veneer. These situations include where root canal treatment has been needed or teeth that are badly cracked or broken. The crown is used to protect it from any further damage that might lead to extraction and also keep the tooth intact. It becomes the new outside surface for the tooth with the nub of the original tooth safely inside once the crown is cemented firmly into place. 


    Where the edge of the tooth has been damaged by grinding is another situation where crowns are a better choice than veneers. A veneer does not cover the edges only covers the front of a tooth. To improve their appearance therefore teeth that have been ground down usually require crowns. 


    Crowns are effective solutions and can deliver a significant change for damaged teeth in both the shape and color of existing teeth. The tooth will always require some sort of covering once a crown has been placed. 


    When are veneers the best choice?


    When the issues you want to address are relatively minor and aesthetic in nature then veneers are a great choice. For problems such as chipped teeth, small gaps between the teeth, badly stained teeth, minor cracks in teeth, and superficial misalignment are such problems that can be corrected by the veneers. 


    Once veneer teeth have been applied to a tooth except in some very specific circumstances, it will always require covering going forward. Allowing the placement of a crown, you might need a replacement veneer or the tooth could be further reduced. 




    The veneers cost can range between $925 to $2,500 per tooth according to the American Cosmetic Dentistry Organization. As compared to composite veneers, porcelain veneers are more expensive according to the Consumer Guide to Dentistry. 

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