MyWorldGo Acrylic fish tanks also have a very long service life

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  • Description : How much do you know about Acrylic fish tank? What is the difference between it and an ordinary fish tank?
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  • How much do you know about Acrylic fish tank? What is the difference between it and an ordinary fish tank?

    1. The material of the fish tank and the manufacturing process of the fish tank should be understood. The thickness of the fish tank, the smoothness and roughness of the inner wall, and the bright and beautiful color should also be taken into account. The conditions for heat absorption and dissipation, landing and emptying, heat preservation and temperature dissipation should also be known.

    2. The difference between acrylic fish tank and ordinary fish tank is that acrylic fish tank is made of different materials. That is to say, ordinary glass fish tank is not as good as acrylic fish tank in corrosion resistance and strength. It has defects in the conditions of the four seasons climate. Under the conditions of insolation or cold, ordinary glass is easy to break. If it collides lightly, it will break down, and acrylic fish tank will show its advantages.

    3, acrylic fish tank is not different from ordinary glass and its transparency, its transparency is very good, is not compared with ordinary fish tanks, transparent and bright surface, easy to watch, diversity in molding, so acrylic fish tank can be made into a variety of styles, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, acrylic fish tank is also very long in service life, generally up to more than 10 years.

    4. Aquariums are often moved at home, while acrylic aquariums are mostly light in weight and convenient to move, and they can provide the best growth environment for fish.

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