MyWorldGo The release of WoW Classic has attracted more subscribers to World of Warcraft

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  • Posted On : Oct 15, 2019
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  • Recently, SuperData provided an unexpected amount of data: According to their latest survey, the release of WoW Classic has doubled World of Warcraft subscriptions. Based on World of Warcraft version 1.12, WoW Classic recreates the look of World of Warcraft in 2005 with new servers and technologies, providing a lot of fun for the old players. According to detailed statistics, from July to August, World of Warcraft subscriptions increased by 223%, it is clear that WoW Classic has attracted a lot of players' interest. Although in general, the number of players in the WoW Classic is still lower than the number of players in the Azeroth battle in August last year, this represents a trend. is currently the most reliable WoW Classic Gold supplier, offering the world's cheapest WoW Classic Gold to players from all over the world. If you become a VIP member of FFWOW, you can also enjoy discounts when you buy WoW Classic Gold.

    The success of WoW Classic has puzzled and unprepared many game industry experts, and it's hard to imagine why returning the game to its most primitive and slow state will resonate with the player. But for most players, the slow and grind state of World of Warcraft more than a decade ago is the main factor that attracts them back. The other players are trying to experience the simplicity and nostalgia of the original. In the original WoW, you can't quickly find the right ally through Raid Finder and Dungeon Finder, which drives you to do more frequent social activities, and get to know more friends who can help each other. In addition, you can't directly find the target of the mission through the task tag. This design allows the player to more fully explore every location in the area and find unexpected surprises. Simply put, compared to modern WoW, WoW Classic no longer uses end-game content as the core content, but provides players with enough sense of accomplishment and fun during the slow leveling process.

    Although the popularity of the WoW Classic is in an unstoppable state, Blizzard's developers are pessimistic about it. As early as 2013, a World of Warcraft fan asked Blizzcon to ask if legacy servers would be added to the game. At that time, World of Warcraft game director J. Allen Brack uttered his classic saying: "You don't want to do that. You think you do, but you don't." and listed the existence of the early version of World of Warcraft. Various problems and shortcomings. However, six years later, the WoW Classic just suffered from a server full of problems, and players who couldn't wait to wait a few hours in the long queue to enter the game.

    Blizzard has already developed the WoW Classic version update plan in advance, and various interesting content will be gradually introduced into the game in several stages, and the update will be released at a slow speed. This allows players who are in the process of upgrading to have plenty of time to complete the challenges of the dungeons. In addition, many PvP fans called for the honor system and the arena will also join the WoW Classic at a later stage. We have reason to believe that everything is possible in WoW Classic and that the game will move in a better direction.

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