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  • Posted On : Oct 23, 2019
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  • I am not surprised there are so many bots in OSRS. Most people dont understand that Runescape is out of 2007, and its own 2019. Technology, coding, and notably blockchain and AI technologies is so highly advanced now with OSRS gold, that Runescape's cheat detection is virtually obsolete. This is going to be a rather hard issue for jagex to fix. I have been playing RS off and on for over 14 decades. I recently came back and played with for about a year and ceased playing again about 3-4 months ago. This videos are by far the most fascinating runescape content in my own opinion. Its fascinating to me how much runescape has arrived and it is still so much underworld material such as robots and shit going on.

    Jagex isn't slipping, they ban bots quite often, rarely do many bots make to to 99 enjoy the ones you've shown. Everyone calls these accounts"bots" however they are really Venezuelans hand gold farming. They destroy Runescape probably 5x worse than robots. Need any evidence? The weeks they get electricity outages, the entire runescape market goes up by as much as 30 percent .bot maintain the econmy semi secure, would you rather we'd 0 cannonball bots and cannonballs have been 1-2k each because no one would like to create them would be big price changes.

    Things woudl go really high in price people would catch on and then they would nose dive as everybody starts crafting them. A variety of robots enables for market economies to have a constant stream of things that real players dont need to make.Almost makes you wonder how many real men and women play with rs anymore. Now imagine the number of distinct bots are doing other things like abilities n stuff. Rs would have no player base really.

    I believe it is weird how rs3 apparently has a more advanced bot detection algorithm. Remember the bot nukes were the reason wildy and infinite commerce could return. I really do hope that osrs also make use of this or have their bot detection predicated in this. I see no reason why people would not bot on RS3 but you only see them once in a blue moon with cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. They're more concerned about bot farms at Zulrah and locations like that. Made plenty of gp but both did eventually get banned. They do not care much about these bots there is people making so much you could not envision it botting things worth . . And on accounts you wouldn't think.