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  • Posted On : Nov 02, 2021
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  • Description : Even though we use the mobile phone every day more and more, computers continue to be an essential tool for both work and personal life.


  • Even though we use the mobile phone every day more and more, computers continue to be an essential tool for both work and personal life.


    What are the essential free tools for your pc?

    It will depend on the person himself who needs some programs or others, of course. If you are a digital marketer or a PR, you will want a specific program to protect your system and easy access. If you are a content designer, you will want to have a good editor. But there is standard software like k7 free tools that are usually in all computers and allow us basic tasks: surf the Internet and write texts.


    From the computer, we can do everything: surf the Internet, transfer and share files, edit documents, photos, videos, watch series, movies, play games or listen to music, among many other things. By k7 download, you can get lots of tools for your computer.

    The best free tools for your computer

    • Document management and editing tools

    Use, both to edit documents and to open a PDF. There are some free programs for Windows 10 that you should always have at hand, permanently installed.

    • Antivirus and security

    One of the best options for using an antivirus on your computer is to use Windows Defender, which is installed by default in current versions of the operating system. But you may be looking for another, whatever the reason. K7 tools are an award-winning Internet security suite with the fastest antivirus engine on the market.

    Do I need free tools for my pc?

    The free tools are a complete package to protect home users' systems against data theft and invasion of the system by complex malware. You can download K7 Antivirus for free tosecure your system. Your USB drives will also be safe with comprehensive Device Control always on the alert, taking care of potential malware infections.It enhanced the real-time scannerintelligent file scanning algorithm to detect exploits in any file.

    • Smart firewall :Automatic behavioural firewall with enhanced security features
    • USB protection:  Automatically scans USB media for hidden threats and vaccinates USB devices from infection.
    • Privacy protection: The k7 download provides control access to protect data that can be shared on the Internet.
    • Profile security: It provides Username and password protection for all applications and a virtual keyboard for identity protection.
    • Disk optimizer: Optimize disk drives for smooth and efficient system performance.
    • Permanent data erasure tool: Permanently erase all the data that you don't want the bad guys to get their hands on.
    • Parental control: Activity Report - Monitor children's Internet activities and block access to harsh environments.
    • Content Filter: Protect what type of content children can view.
    • Comprehensive device control: Read, write and execute access control functions on external devices.
    • Scan USB device and prevent malicious autorun: USB drives are immunized to prevent infection.
    • Web security: Secure verification of cloud-based websites and block phishing and unsafe websites.