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  • Vanstrom could be anywhere in Morytania. There are a number of RuneScape gold possibilities. Once you've located Vanstrom you'll be able to watch the cutscene. You're back! You've ruined my intentions and me for too long! You must take me down! Vanstrom will be a Level 145 Vanstrom Klause.

    While prayer won't work at 95%, it can significantly weaken his attack. Vanstrom is likely to drop Drakan's Key after a brief battle. Visit Meiyerditch close to the port, and then head to Castle Drakan. There are two Drakan Guards with a level 125 in the outside. They will be teleported to Burgh De Rott, and you will talk to Veliaf.

    Is it OK, (player's name)? Yes... Yeah... Drakan's guards caught my interest! You can hide yourself by wearing this armor. Then, you can put on the Veliaf armor. Wear 65 defense and attack and wear all-round armor. Return to Meiyerditch and the Guards. HALT! HALT!

    It's the fellow Drakan Guard... you know... (Player name)! You're wearing armor, so let's go. It worked! Take care when you go to Drakan's the throne region. Stop Knight What's the reason you're here? The guards have sent me.

    Close the door, and remove your armour. Then, put on your normal armor and take out the two Drakan Guards at Level 125. They'll drop normal bones as well as gold (100-500). Then two Knights of Level 150 will appear. You can stop them completely by switching off the protection from Melee. They'll then drop normal bones, and buy OSRS gold about the same amount of gold once they've been killed.