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  • Dry Herb Vaporizers are the perfect way to experience the natural flavors of herbs. They can be used with dry herbs or with oils and waxes.

    A vaporizer is a device that heats the botanical matter to its boiling point without burning it and creating smoke, and instead of releasing a vapor consisting of hot air and steam.

    A dry herb vaporizer is a device that heats the plant material until the active ingredients are released as vapor.

    This vaporizer is also called an Electronic Herbal Vaporizer or EHV. This device can be used to smoke all types of herbs - dry, fresh, and resins. It is also popular with cannabis users because it releases less harsh smoke than other methods.

    Marijuana is legal in many countries and several states within the US. Dry herb vaporizers are increasingly becoming popular since they can provide a more enjoyable experience than smoking with traditional methods.

    Vaporizers let you enjoy your herbs without any of the combustion byproducts that come with smoking them. They also allow for different styles of vaping, which makes it easier for users to achieve their desired high. Whereas most dry herb vaporizer models do not offer any kind of flavor, some advanced models do offer this feature. This is usually done through an atomizer which is used to heat the dry herbs and then release them as a vapor with that flavor added into it.

    With the legalization of marijuana, consumers are looking for more creative ways to smoke it without all the harshness associated with smoking cigarettes or joints