MyWorldGo How To Make Ranged Weapons In New World?

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  • Posted By : Claus Oliver
  • Posted On : Nov 17, 2021
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  • Description : Crafting allows a player to craft different weapons, tools, gear, food, potions, etc.


  • Various trading skills are very important in New World. Players can use these skills to collect resources, Craft equipment, etc. Perhaps what players value most is the Crafting skill, which can be used to make a variety of powerful weapons.

    Crafting allows a player to craft different weapons, tools, gear, food, potions, etc. Among these items, weapons are the most helpful to players in battle. Powerful weapons can help us gain advantages in various battles, so we need to understand how to make various weapons in New World. The following guide gives you a detailed introduction to the method of making long-range weapons in the New World, which will be of great help after you enter this game.

    Steps to make a ranged weapon in New World:
    • Collect various resources for making weapons
    • Press the "M" key to open the map and find "Workshop"
    • Press "E" in "Workshop" to start production
    • Select the ranged weapon to be crafted in the recipe panel
    • Add Azoth and special resources to increase the chances of acquiring skills
    • Use the Slider on the right side of your screen to select the quantity of the item you wish to craft.
    • Click the “Craft” option in the bottom right of your screen to craft a ranged weapon.
    Household furniture for your residence as well as Bullets/Ammunition can additionally be crafted at the Sessions in New Planet through adhering to comparable steps.

    If you "Can't Craft" a weapon, examine what 'criteria are certainly not fulfilled to complete the craft. The demands of a craft are stated merely over the "Can't Craft" choice in the bottom right. Also, varied tools may merely be crafted in a "Workshop.".