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  • Posted On : Nov 20, 2019
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  • Description : WOW: Pet Warfare System Update


  • WOW: Pet Warfare System Update





    Attribute adjustment


    In version 8.3, we will also change the way the percentage damage reduction effect works. In formal service, when you are fighting with McKaggon’s Unit 17 (the leader’s pet, with 50% damage reduction passive ability), if it uses the crouching skill, Unit 17 will become immune damage. State, because it superimposes the effect of the two 50% damage reduction effects on it. In version 8.3, we will fix the maximum effect of damage reduction at 75%, so that Unit 17 will only get a maximum of 75% damage reduction. This will reduce the difficulty of some of the leader-level enemies.


    Please note that skills like skew will still completely evade damage. This type of skill is not affected by this change. If you can't exchange better equipment in the game because there is not enough gold, then you can get a lot of discounts on Classic WOW Gold and get it quickly within 10 minutes.



    Future plan

    In future updates, our goal is to make a series of balance adjustments that will reduce the efficiency of some combat pets and combat strategies. Of course, these changes will not be installed in version 8.3, but we hope that everyone will have enough time to prepare for these changes. Although there are no specific changes to the relevant values ​​and details that can be shared with you, there are still some examples of skills that we will pay close attention to here:



    Black claws and other types of skills that increase the value of fixed damage.

    Hunting squads and similar skills such as group gangs.

    The squad and the squad and other similar skills add to the broken defense effect.

    All effects that cause or cause a greater percentage of damage to the target.

    Twilight comet and other types of long cooling time share damage skills.



    Our battle pet world missions and leader battles are designed to provide problems that players can confront and solve. Ideally, there should be multiple ways to deal with them. However, when a small group of pets have powerful combing skills that can provide huge damage in a few rounds and easily defeat these enemies, this becomes a problem: what we should be able to make can only be solved by the strongest output combination The challenge is to provide a battle with a variety of options that are always difficult to choose. Visit for more information.