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  • Posted On : Nov 22, 2019
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  • World of Warcraft copy recast



    There are many copies in World of Warcraft that have always won the players' love, including the Burning Crusade. It has always been a classic in the classics. With the arrival of version 7.0, Karazhan is about to be recast, and it has since become a copy of the heroes of five people. This is certainly not the first time. It is not the last time. Looking back, in the past ten years, how many copies have been It was recast by the Blizzard game team. Of course, there are mixed opinions on the recasting of the replica. It can be said that it is a legacy of the classics, and it can also be ridiculous. Here, we might as well talk about re-casting the copies of these years!



    Speaking from the CTM version


    Perhaps Blizzard felt that the Naxxramas design of the 1960s was too classic, and finally let its 80th level fly over the keel wilderness. But from the player's point of view, starting from the CTM version is the real re-casting wave!


    Like the Death Mine, Shadowfang Castle, etc. is the best testimony, two low-level copies become the 85-level hero 5 people, and there is also the interpretation of the plot, like the new addition to Vanessa Van Cleef or so to the player It left a deep impression. On the other hand, the two former team copies of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub have also become the heroic difficulty of five people, also with the drop of the mount.


    But I have to say that with the out-of-print of the old copy, the equipment that the players have collected in the past can show off well!

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    Mists of Pandaria


    In the MOP version, the two 5-person copies of the Scholomance and the Scarlet Monastery are also re-casting again! The author remembers that the crazy brushing of the cloth-like dress called Olanna was a good illusion! Of course, Like the blood color set will be out of print, and now the auction house often sells high prices!


    But Blizzard still has a nostalgic side, from time to time to launch a replica of the fake. Classical illusions such as the Dean's Staff and the Bishop's Crown are still preserved. It is undeniable that the recast of the copy does provide nostalgic feelings for the old players, and it does not have much impact on the new players. Maybe this is the best compromise between the new players and the old players!


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    King of Draenor


    In the case of the WOD version, the upper layer of the former Blackrock Spire was also recast, and I am afraid that I will use different skills in a crazy way. The general story is that a small number of steel tribes have entered Blackstone Mountain, and the remnants of the Blackrock Orcs have been compiled. The Warlord Zaire has become the new leader. In all fairness, this copy is still very difficult to play in the early stage. There will also be a copy of Shahram black sword and skinning knife.