MyWorldGo QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service Vs In-House QuickBooks: What’s the Difference?

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  • Businesses, whether small or large, must have a keen eye on their finances. Without maintaining the accounts, a business might face losses or legal troubles. This makes accounting one of the most important business functions. And the old days of maintaining the accounts in physical books have gone. Most companies use QuickBooks enterprise hosting service or in-house QuickBooks software.

    But what is the difference between using QuickBooks Enterprise on a cloud server and in-house software?

    In this blog post, we will check out the differences based on several factors. However, let’s get to know the basic difference between QuickBooks as a cloud service and in-house.

    QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service

    This is web-based software that offers flexibility and unlimited access to data and files. However, these files can be accessed by authorized persons only. Since the software is cloud-hosted, you can access it from anywhere anytime. Also, the cloud-hosted QuickBooks removes the need for physically installing the software on the system.

    The cloud-hosted software can be accessed by tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops, and other such screen devices.

    In-House QuickBooks

    On the other hand, in-house QuickBooks is when the software is physically installed in the computer system. Thus, access to any data and files is granted through this system only. This limits the use of the software and doesn’t allow remote access to QuickBooks desktop.

    Difference between QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service and In-House QuickBooks

    Data Backup

    Accounting data is highly crucial for any business in the long term. Whether it is to determine the expenses, sales, and other financial aspects, having a complete record of accounting books is important. However, businesses can experience disasters such as fire outbreaks, system crashes, theft, and more causing loss of sensitive data.

    Now, when it comes to in-house QuickBooks, data backup is done and is stored on multiple servers in different locations. However, the overall costs of data backup in in-house software are very high, especially for small businesses. But with cloud-hosted QuickBooks, there is periodic data backup at regular intervals at no extra costs. Moreover, the data is easily retrieved when required.

    Reduced business space

    Large companies have the capital to invest in a larger office space. They also have the capital to buy IT infrastructure and maintain it in long-term. And hence, choosing in-house QuickBooks is a no-brainer for them as they might have the capital to do so.

    However, with small businesses such is not the case! With limited capital, investing and maintaining extra office space is not feasible. And that’s why hosted QuickBooks becomes more beneficial. The employees can have access to the data anywhere anytime without the need for office space.

    Costs and IT Resolution Problems

    The overall costs of installing and maintaining in-house QuickBooks are high for a small business. The maintenance of in-house QuickBooks is done by experienced IT professionals who might charge more than your business can afford to pay. And they won’t work just on one issue; instead, they will carry out complete maintenance of the software. This can make it more expensive to have in-house software.

    However, with cloud-hosted QuickBooks, the third-party service provider will send an expert to rectify issues. They will work only on a specified issue at no extra cost. Thus, it reduces the overall Intuit QuickBooks hosting pricing and maintenance costs.


    In-house QuickBooks and Cloud hosted QuickBooks provide a varied range of accessibility. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks provide wider access to the software and the data. The third-party cloud hosting provider will allow access to authorized people on the server anytime anywhere.

    However, with in-house QuickBooks, the access is limited to the system in which the software is installed. So, the employees need to stay in the same location and on the same device to access data in the software. But with QuickBooks remote access via hosting, employees can work conveniently.

    Final Takeaway

    As you can see, in-house QuickBooks and cloud-hosted QuickBooks have massive differences when it comes to data backup, accessibility, and maintenance costs. Hence, based on the business requirements and capital, you must decide which option suits you best.

    However, if you decide to choose hosted QuickBooks, you can get in touch with Ace Cloud Hosting. They have been providing professional and high-quality QuickBooks cloud hosting services for more than 10 years. Moreover, the QuickBooks desktop hosting pricing offered by the company is quite affordable and worth your investment. Contact them now at 855-363-0916 to know more.

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