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  • Description : One of the most fun ways to get around the land of Yara in Far Cry 6 is wearing the wing suit. When using the Air Drop option in several locations of


  • One of the most fun ways to get around the land of Yard in Far Cry 6 is wearing the wing suit. By using the option «Air Drop» in several Fast Travel locations, you can quickly reach practically any place on the map. It is also fun simply throwing Dani Rojas to the mountain slopes and seeing them sliding gracefully towards a safe place. Unfortunately, the monkey of Far Cry 6 is not available immediately, you must unlock it. Here is what you need to know.

    get a wing suit at Far Cry 6

    To get a winged suit, you must buy Hideout Network for one of your guerrilla bases at the construction office. This requires that you have reached the Yard continent after completing the missions on sanctuary island and completing one of the following missions to unlock guerrilla camps:

    Far Cry 6 How to Get & Use Wingsuit - Wingsuit Controls Meet the Montero Meet maximum killings Meet the legends

    Hideout Network will cost 30 metal and 30 of construction counter gasoline, marked on your map with a green hammer icon.

    As soon as you buy it, you will automatically unlock the wing suit at Far Cry 6, so you can use it whenever you are in the air.

    Using the wing suit

    To use the winged suit, when you are in the air, you should see a message on the screen to press the L3 button on Xbox and PlayStation or SHIFT on the PC.

    Do this, and then you can go to heaven and cover great distances.

    Use the left analog joystick to control the speed you descend by moving it up and down to go faster and slower, and move it to the left and right to drive in one direction or another.

    Before you get to the ground, be sure to pull your parachute by pressing B on Xbox or Circle on PS5. If it does not, it will crash against the ground at great speed and will be committed instantly.

    That's all you need to know How to get a wing suit at Far Cry 6. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or ask more of our game coverage below.

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