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  • Posted On : Dec 23, 2021
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  • BizTalk Migrator platform can accelerate the time to market your IT products and services. Do you operate under limited workforce? Does your IT team work on thousands of projects without increasing the current staff? Is your IT department the only sector that would be using the integration platform? Then, a self-service platform would be required to accomplish more with lesser efforts. Now you can empower your IT teams in terms of IT and business needs. How do you measure the impact of an integration platform? Are you looking to perform beyond your overall IT costs and maintenance over time? If so, have you decided on the number of people needed to manage your platform? How much training would be required for a member to deliver the best? How fast can someone create integration flows?

    Consider all the involved costs and expenses to estimate the total cost of ownership, before choosing the platform. Also, investigate how the platform would impact the expected ROI. Is platform independence a significant factor? Are you mainly a single-vendor organization focusing on a primary cloud platform, database, or BizTalk Azure looking to leverage bolt-on integration tools? Or do you require a feature-rich and independent solution? Make sure that it serves the IT requirements without complicating the current business environment. 

    Are you upgrading to a new integration platform? Are you planning to upgrade from legacy integration platforms? Are you looking to consolidate multiple platforms to a single organization standard? Or, are you thinking to start from the scratch with a platform built for a hybrid cloud?

    Ensure that the platform empowers you to start with small projects and then scale up accordingly. Are you an SMB or large enterprise? Are you working on a digital transformation project? Are you growing along the digital journey? Does your data integration platform need to scale as your organization grows?

    Make sure that the platform supports the current configurations and future requirements. Answering the above 8 questions should help you go through a wide range of integration solutions and find the right platform for your business.

    BizTalk Azure is organized in such a way that it is security bounded and flexible in a manner that the developer can develop feature-rich applications with security threats and can be modified and utilized according to the client's need. Microsoft with its high scalability, stability, and availability gives peace of mind to the developer and also keeps security issues at bay.