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  • Warcraft Classic: Battlefield Release Date

    Blizzard's game-World of Warcraft Classic will push a service upgrade package to players this week. The updated World of Warcraft will provide players with the first battlefield PVP area in the game.

    Snow Snow Entertainment confirmed earlier this year that they would speed up the development of the game if conditions permit. Allows players to catch up to this update plan as soon as possible. Over time, Blizzard has not released the upgrade plan in the first eleven months of this year. This convinced players that Blizzard will officially launch this update plan to players this month.

    The disadvantage is that players of World of Warcraft must deal with some lengthy maintenance work before browsing the latest content. This makes players' emotions more and more irritable. Because for players this update plan has been delayed longer.

    However, Blizzard has provided a lot of information to players in this regard, including, for example, not limited to updating content, updating plans, and pushing information. This makes it easier to predict when new PvP updates will take effect. If players think that the game currency in the game is not enough, it is recommended to go to ZZWOW to buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold For Sale, where you can save a lot of money and experience to help you upgrade quickly.

    When is the release date of the Warcraft Classic Battlefield?

    The good news for fans is that the World of Warcraft Classic Battlefield will be officially released on the 10th of this month. Earlier today, the news was leaked after news revealed that the news would be broadcast live sometime this week. We now know that after the new World of Warcraft Classic PvP update will take place, there will be a long maintenance period on site. And once again, the server will have a brief maintenance of about 8 hours, and players will not be able to log in to the game.

    According to the latest news from Blizzard, the classic maintenance of World of Warcraft will start at 7 am on Tuesday and end at 3 pm.

    For British players, this means that World of Warcraft Classic will be unable to log in between 3pm and 11pm GMT. Players cannot enter the game during this period to complete the task. This is a long wait, but it should end with the release of the new World of Warcraft Classic Battlefield. Proper use of Cheap WOW Classic Gold can effectively improve player levels.

    Warcraft classic battlefield
    Many World of Warcraft fans already know that Blizzard plans to release Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley on December 10. Fans will also notice other incursions in the game, although the promise of the third phase will not be fully realized tomorrow. Blizzard recently announced that "Warsong Canyon and Alterac Valley will be open on all servers simultaneously on December 10.