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  • Hunter Survivability

    Combat method

    Hunters fight enemies at long distances. They are the masters of the environment. They can sneak through the woods like ghosts, and set traps on their enemies' roads, letting the enemies die under their flawless bows or guns. Able to wield two weapons at the same time, they will continue to make rapid attacks on any enemy who unfortunately fights them close. The art of survival is very important for hunters who are isolated from outside life, so experienced hunters can easily track their prey. They also enhance their abilities by tuning their wild aspects of various organisms. Using WOW Classic Gold For Sale at the same time can also quickly enhance the strength of the hunter itself! When they use arrows or guns to attack the enemy, they also direct pets to fight. They formed lifelong contracts with wildlife, training eagles, cats, bears, and many other beasts to fight alongside them. Buying vanilla gold now will not only get a limited time offer, but also return some of the amount, the lowest price on the entire network, and fast delivery online!

    The talent for survival lies between the talents of the previous two series. On the one hand, survival really depends on the hunter as an output, but the output method is not high physical damage, but special means such as poison, explosives, traps, etc. as the output focus. On the other hand, because the effect of poison or explosive is magical damage, they are more focused on pets that can increase magic damage as auxiliary output, such as "wind snake". In addition, this talented hunter has better secondary physical attributes than the previous two series in terms of physical strength and other aspects. Even if he is close-up in PVP activities, his chance of survival is higher than that of the previous two series. "Title. The pre-4.0 survival hunting talent tree is ultimately a melee skill. The main skills to implement this title are meerkat bite and explosion traps. Players want to develop their talent tree quickly. Vanilla WOW Gold is essential. Reasonable purchase and use of vanilla gold can make you healthy development in the game!

    7.0 Survival Hunter abolished long-range weapons and changed to a pure melee class. The original shooting skills of the hunter, such as explosive shooting and live ammunition, were reworked and transferred to the shooting talent. At the same time, starting from 7.0, only survival hunters can use traps, and the remaining two trapping skills have been removed. 8.0 Survival Hunter's output method has been simplified. The main output skill only retains the Raptor's blow. The poisonous stinger directly becomes a specialization with its own skills. It is compared with the talent of shooting and hunting; the new skill wildfire bomb is new for survival One of the main output skills. Unlike the Beastmaster, the kill command is the main concentrated recovery skill of survival hunting. At the same time, the eagle guard skills can temporarily turn survival hunting into a remote output. In terms of talent, the mongoose bite ability has become a talent, and can only choose one hit with the Raptor.