MyWorldGo RuneScape - Aviansies are a great cash-making opportunity

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  • Posted On : Jan 15, 2022
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  • What Silv suggested are all useful suggestions. When I was at your level I made Experiments. From 60 to 70 and OSRS GP took me 3 days. It was boring as it's not a great way to gain anything beyond experience.

    It's kind of odd since I'm not sure what I've been doing 70-90. I know I have Chinned some jobs, but also performed tasks like bosses to be ranging as well as the Circus. Not to mention Cannon. If you don't have a problem in wasting money, you could Cannon Dagannoths while you range them too.

    You could also Chin However, I don't recommend Chinning until you are at least 80plus. Going to Yaks could be a good way to get experience. The best is around 40k current rate. But it's possible to push it a little. There are plenty of bots there. I've not tried Fire Giants though. There are a lot people using it whenever I had a task of them , however. Therefore, it's probably okay.

    Aviansies are a great cash-making opportunity and also a good exp. However, I'm also scared of Yaks and are beginning to have a lot of bots. Hope that I've helped. Range is possibly the weakest CB skill I have on for what to train on.

    In about one month, I'll be able do Frost Dragons (85 Dungeoneering). Within 3 months, I'll be able to do 100 Dungeoneering (6 chaotics). I was wondering if I should give myself two years (maxing out, etc.) before joining the Nexing team equipped with professional equipment, and maybe even solo if possible, or, give myself one year to finish, or evenmax it out by playing Frost Dragons which would even have an ely by about one year. I'm not sure of what I should do, but in reality, I'm just looking for cheap OSRS gold a priority. I'm done playing PvP until Jagex changes the PJ system. So PvM is what I'll roll.