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    Filden Long-lasting & Stronger Erections

    Now a day many men in the world suffer from potency difficulties. fildena pills is not uncommon for older men and younger men to have a weakness. In this case, many men are at a loss and don't know what to do about it. Everything seems like it doesn't help, and you don't positively want to talk about it either with your companion or with a doctor or pharmacist. Because it is an embarrassing topic, and you don't want anyone to know and know about this difficulty. Do you know this problem too? Do you wish you to find a clarification that helps ultimately? It shows like there is no complete solution, but we have good news for you. There is actually something that can help you with erectile dysfunction.


    Functioning of Fildena 

    An active component that can help you very well in the case of weakness is the active ingredient sildenafil. This active ingredient is also possible as tablets, for more comfortable taking and for men who have erectile dysfunction problems. Sildenafil Fildena refers to the group of active substances called phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE-5 inhibitors), which also include Tadalafil or Vardenafil.  fildena 100mg mg tablets are used to cure erectile dysfunction. Fildena is characterized by a long term action of up to 4 to 6 hours. Just by taking it alone, however, there is no erection. This needs physical provocation in a natural way. After the orgasm, the erection goes back naturally. However, the erection can be achieved again if you are sexually excited repeatedly.

    If you want to feel the highest effect of Fildena Purple, take this medication about an hour before you plan to have coitus. Fildena pills are so successful because they last very long and are easy to use. The result can continue up to 6 hours. This is very long, which is why this active ingredient is so popular among men.

    The effect of Fildena 50 tablets can be explained as follows: Psychological stimuli usually cause an erection in men. Nerve signals that release messenger substances in the blood vessels lead to blood filling of the erectile tissue of the penis. The messenger substance cGMP also works an essential role in this. This messenger substance increases the blood vessels so that more blood flows into the limb and the limb grows stiff. And after a while, this messenger substance is split down again. Then the penis relaxes back. If you don't get the erection you require, PDE-5 inhibitors like sildenafil are used. They inhibit a specific enzyme (phosphodiesterase 5, short: PDE-5), which breaks down the messenger substance cGMP. This keeps the blood level of cGMP high, which enhances erectile function.

    If you suffer from cardiovascular conditions, you must talk to your doctor before using fildena 120. Medications for cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure can interact with sildenafil.


    Side Effects 

    Some people undergo side effects such as headache, reddening of the skin, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, nasal congestion, muscle pain, back pain, visual problems, dizziness, diarrhea, respiratory infections, increased heart rate, chest pain, joint pain when taking Fildena pills. Back pain or flu-like symptoms. This is just a shortlist of the desirable side effects. 

    If these side effects go away in a few days or weeks, then you don't require to bother. Only if you undergo these side effects for a long time, in the worst-case forever, do you have to stop using the medication and should seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. 

    When you order Fildena or, you need to buy the correct dosage to avoid the side effects discussed above. If you take any dose of your choice or if the dose has not been discussed with your doctor or pharmacist beforehand, the side effects may be more likely to happen.


    Storage and Safety Tips 

    This drug is unsafe for children and teenagers, and therefore, they should not take it. Therefore, make sure that you stow the medication so that children and teenagers have no access. Store the medicine at 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. You can also keep Fildena Purple at room temperature, which is the best option. If you put the drug in the fridge, that's fine too. However, do not store the medication in the freezer. Women should not take this pill because it is not suitable for women. Do not leave the medicine on the window or in the car, as there is a risk that the drug will be exposed to direct sun. This no longer guarantees the shelf life of the medication, and the effects can no longer develop as desired.


    Where to Purchase? 

    Not only you but also your bed partner, wife, or girlfriend will be amazed by the effects of the You will finally be able to experience passionate nights again without disappointments. Your attitude towards life will change entirely because if things go well with sex, you will enjoy living and everyday life more. Your self-confidence is increased, and you have the feeling that you can gain everything that you want. Buy Fildena from the convenience of your own home in our online pharmacy - GenMedicare. Here you will find any product at an affordable price and with fast delivery. If you have any issues, you can always question our customer service for help. We are always at your direction, and nothing has to be difficult for you.