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  • Description : Stefon Diggs is trending in the reverse direction.


  • In the wake of his outstanding performance, Jones was able to Mut 22 coins improve his overall rating from 90 to 91.With 6.5 sacks during nine games, the 27-year-old might be able to eclipse the previous record of 15.5 from the year 2018.

    This Buffalo Bills star is still graded at 96 overall so the bottom isn't dropping down by a long shot. However, he was at 97 overall for the season up until Week 11, and the final straw for EA Sports appears to have been a loss of 41-15 to the Indianapolis Colts in which he was able to catch four passes, resulting in 23 , and two touchdowns.

    You know you're held to standards in the event that a couple of touchdown catches isn't enough to allow you to at least stand in the same place with your Madden rating.

    Each week the EA Madden video game comes out with the latest Team of the Week featuring prominent players from past and present real-world NFL games. We're up to Week 12 in the NFL right now, with many teams competing for playoff positions as they enter the final stretch of their home games. This past weekend , we saw a few important performances, including one by an Denver Broncos' Patrick Surtain II. Surtain was named the player of the Week title for Madden 22 , TOTW 12. Here's the latest news on his items and more, together with predictions.

    After a fantastic game this past weekend, it's time to cheap Madden nfl 22 coins announce the The Team of the Week. In high demand with Madden 22, TOTW 12, player card is the brand new Patrick Surtain POTW item. Surtain scored five tackles and two interceptions and scored one touchdown for the Broncos on Sunday, when they played the Chargers. Denver picked the victory by 28-13 and went on to improve to 6-5 in extremely competitive AFC.