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  • Posted On : Feb 15, 2022
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  • Description : Overview of Hiking in Mountains


  • Overview of Hiking in Mountains - a journey into a fairy tale

    Some people are afraid of touring to the mountains. The reasons for refusing to do this activity can be various:
    - a lot of physical activity, the need to walk for a long time with a heavy backpack;
    - lack of usual amenities - bed, TV, etc.;
    - inability to take a bath;
    - the need to cook food in the field;
    - risk of attack by wild animals, etc.

    Of course, all of this is true to some extent. However, hiking in the mountains is, first of all, a powerful wave of impressions just like during yacht experience. It affects all the senses:
    - amazing landscapes amaze the eyesight;
    - the noise of trees, the singing of birds, the chirping of insects surprise the ear;
    - the combination of smells of flowers and foliage will please the sense of smell;
    - a carpet of herbs, when lying on the ground, envelops the whole body, giving unforgettable tactile sensations;
    - berries (if you come in the right season) will give you a unique taste experience.

    This combination of sensations is more than able to compensate for all the inconveniences that may arise during the trip. Some begin to enjoy even at the stage of training. After all, this is a kind of adventure - you need to plan everything correctly, take all the necessary things with you, and at the same time leave everything superfluous so that it does not burden your back.

    In addition to affecting the senses, a trip to the mountains gives impressions of another kind. This is a unique experience, which is impossible to get in ordinary life. Only in the mountains is friendship truly tested, hidden feelings emerge between people. Being far from the usual life, a person shows his true face, opening up to his comrades in a new way.

    Also, such an event has a significant health effect. At high altitude, there is practically no toxic vehicle exhaust and factory emissions. On the contrary, only here you can improve your health, since in such a place there are many coniferous trees, the phytoncides of which contribute to the destruction of pathogens of the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems, as well as the skin.

    You can not discount the sports component. Yes, hiking in the mountains is an ordeal, even if you go for one day. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to test your strength, to stimulate yourself for further development of physical form. Actually, mountain tourism itself is a complex sport that tempers the human body.

    By the way, if we talk about hardening, then this also provides a trip through the mountains. On a hike, you have to sleep on the ground, get up early in the morning, when it is still quite cold outside. If you add to this also wiping with a damp towel or dousing (the main thing is to start the process gradually), then the benefits will be invaluable.