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  • Description : Sometimes I gave them money to help women build a mushroom growing room. It has helped them gain confidence and can withstand the burden of investment costs, ”he adds.
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  • Soon, Pushpa began to convince many women to take up the profession. “Many women are involved in sewing, embroidering, and other low-paying jobs. I suggested they grow mushroom because they wanted less time and paid more, ”he said.

    In 2015, Pushpa began training full-time women and helped them become financially independent. Today, he has trained more than 20,000 people. “Initially I taught women for free and gave them birth control. Sometimes I gave them money to help women build a mushroom growing room. It has helped them gain confidence and can withstand the burden of investment costs, ”he adds.

    Beena Devi, a resident of Dhanauli village, was one of the women who came to Pushap for help. “My husband's income was not enough to cover our growing expenses,” she says. So, I decided to train at Pushpa. The skills I have learned have Buy shrooms Canada me to become financially independent within a year. ”

    In addition, Beena has continued to train more than 20 women in her area.

    Empowering Women, Prisoners and Children

    Currently, people from neighboring regions are also traveling to Pushpa for mushroom training. “Now, men are also coming to learn how to grow mushrooms. There have been cases where people in the city have come to me for 10-day training courses, ”he said.

    • growing organic pushpa jha mushrooms
    • Pushpa showcasing her mushroom product at the event.
    • Pushpa says that forums only increase over time. “I have been invited to schools, colleges and the main prison in Darbhanga to train students and
    • prisoners on how to grow mushrooms. They are fast learners and get excellent results. I feel proud that my skills can help inmates become financially
    • independent once they return to the community, ”he added.

    “People don't need to come to me,” Pushpa says. The government and other people organize many workshops throughout the year and teach the same techniques. I feel very good just because a lot of people benefit from this. ”

    Training and marketing of mushrooms earns him Rs 2 lakh a year. “My husband and son help me with work. In addition, my son is studying farming in Allahabad and wants to continue farming to expand our work, ”he said.

    Pushpa has

    started processing mushrooms to make cucumbers, powders, Buy shrooms Canada and snacks. “In many cases, mushrooms are extinct because of short life span. So instead of letting them go, I and other women dry the mushrooms in order to turn them into powder. Powder can be used in many food products, ”he said.

    Pushpa wants to reach more women and spread this change that she started years ago. “Women in our region do not seek employment and are often confined to their home boundaries. But mushroom farming makes them entrepreneurs and enhances their personality by gaining dignity, respect and confidence, ”he adds.