MyWorldGo Path of Exile patch 3.9.2b re-enables the "Transform Map" button, fixes the hungry cycle

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  • Grinding Gear Games' extensive patch fixes many issues in Metamorph League. Grinding Gear Games has released a new patch of Path of Exile that improves some elements of Transformers. The Atlas Conqueror also made general fixes after its release, which should ensure a smoother experience. This won't stop the instant death toll that tortures you in the game, but few things happen right now.

    Patch 3.9.2b re-enabled the "Convert Map" button in the "Map Hiding" tab and allowed the creation of new instances of Tane Labs. Just click "World Map Pin" while holding Ctrl. Those frustrated with the progress of the atlas will now get more mission information about when POE Orbs dropped.

    Current purifier weapon throws reduce damage and reach, and enhance the performance of traps, mines, and totems against large backpacks using Arctic breathing assistance. This issue continues to be resolved in case you used the Hunger Ring Unique Ring, which consumes hungry gems. Here are some patch notes.

    About the Path of Exile3.9.2b patch notes:

        Re-enabled the Convert Map button inside the Map Storage tab.
        A new type of Tane Labs is now created by Ctrl + clicking the entire world map pin.
        After a quick delay, the monsters killed in Tarn Labs have been removed.
        Added additional quest information to become displayed when Watchdog drops.
        The map layer with the unique map of Vinktar Square is determined because of the minimum item level in the Agnerod rung used within the vendor's recipe.
        Reduced the product range and damage of Purifier weapon throws.
        The Hunger Cycle unique ring still can't consume damaged auxiliary gems, nevertheless, you can purchase more gems with POE Currency.
        Improved performance when working with traps, mines, or totem-assisted arctic breathing for big groups of monsters.
        Added 3D art for the unique scepter The Black Cane.
        Added bulletin boards and event advertising boards in Karui Shores.
        Karui Shores and Oriath now use precisely the same public party list.
        Fixed a bug in which the monster pack size in Booming Populace's unique Ivory Watcher failed to apply to maps.
        Fixed bug where various anti-invasive, as well as shielding modifiers, just weren't affected by the catalyst.
        Fixed a bug where Swift Pain and Awakening Swift Pain could support similar skills.
        Fixed a bug where Empower consumed through the only ring of your hungry ring doubled its expected effect.