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  • New home buyers often get impressed by things like flashy interiors, dark wood floors, big storage units, and open spaces. But you should know that what you see is actually what is presented to you by the seller. The complete picture comes to light when you ask the right questions. To begin your Charles county townhomes search, we have compiled a list of a few important questions that you need to ask your real estate agent that as a buyer you should pay attention to.

    Q. What are the upcoming commercial projects in this location?

    New buyers never tend to think about the resale value of the house. Having commercial spaces nearby can play differently for your house rates depending on the locality. Every house buyer would prefer a quiet neighborhood. Noisy neighbors, upcoming constructions, and bus or metro stations nearby can put off buyers easily.

    Q. What are the risks of natural hazards in this property?

    Internal deterioration is common, and a home is at risk of fire, floods, and other natural disasters. Climate ratings for your county, as well as extra mapping that determines if flood insurance is necessary for the house might be useful.

    Q. What are the possibilities of future maintenance in house appliances?

    If the house is around 10 to 15 years old, there are chances the air conditioning units, kitchen machinery, and other appliances will need replacements. You should confirm this with your realtor and make sure you don’t have to deal with maintenance later.

    Q. Are there any restrictions on putting the apartment/house on rent?

    If you are buying an apartment in a building or a house in a maintained community, there are chances you might face restrictions for listing the house on certain rental websites. It’s always better to get this information ahead of time.

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