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  • Do you prefer an Granite Body, or is there an alternative that RS gold I'm even conscious of? Is it worth investing into Verac's Brassard as an example? Barrow's armor can be pretty good and is almost certain to weigh much less than granite, and some of it offers pretty decent Prayer benefits (not that you'd need that).

    In the long term, the repair is going to run far beyond the cost of a Bandos chestplate if your only often utilize Barrows but it can last longer if you don't do much combat. In terms of training, it's very good, and fifteen hours is quite an amount of time. Definitely worth it if you cannot afford Bandos now, considering the initial cost of 1 mil and then another 1 million every 15 hours is an acceptable cost.

    A bit of research has revealed that a complete body is 270k in repair costs at Bob. Which should yield, ah, what's the cost of Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I'm not sure how to figure out the number of repairs you'd use (mostly due to the fact that I'm not doing well today) until you're at the figure of 270000 (or less when you're using a POH armor stand), but it sure is a lot of lives. This is bolded to avoid my incoherent ramblings to Make sure you invest in Barrows.

    I currently have 7 RS Member Accounts that I received in a donation from another forum. I'm considering to give them away, but do I have permission to give away RS accounts? If yes, which forum should I make it? It depends on what exactly you plan to accomplish.

    Can you give away an original RuneScape account? That isn't possible, because it's an account trade and is considered to be RWT by Jagex's rules which we adhere to. You can give away an account number from pre-paid cards purchased from stores? Maybe, read below for more information.

    If you want to give away pre-paid card however, it's not allowed if you have people give anything in exchange in exchange for the voucher. This could include however, it is not limited to, them offering in-game items, granting the player real money or having them click on links (and similar plans) to provide fire cape buy osrs you with some kind of referral. Actually, asking the recipients to do more than simply receiving the code would mean it cannot be done.