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  • Winter brings with it a slew of issues for your home. Moisture settling in the basement may appear to be a common occurrence. It isn't, though. It might be the source of one of the many issues that have a compounding effect on your home. Consider the travel route of moistened air to better understand this. In the basement, hot/humid air never settles. When cold air enters your basement, hot air rises naturally and moves to your higher levels. This nasty crawling air can be turning a whole house into a basement in no time. Surely, it is time to call wet basement repair Orillia.

    To know what else moisture can do, you can read the list below:

    1. Effect on Flooring: Wooden floor is highly susceptible to moisture when compared to stone floors and concrete flooring. Wood traps moisture like no other material which results in unnecessary rotting and buckling of carpets and wooden flooring.
    2. Dust allergies: You could be putting your family at risk by ignoring a moisture problem in your basement. As mentioned earlier, the moist air rises up into your house. It can carry mold, dust particles, and suspended microorganisms with it,causing dust and mold allergies to you and your family member.
    3. Effect on Furniture: Water is not only harmful to your wooden floors; soon it can get to your furniture as well. If you notice wooden furniture showing an appearance of mold or rot, you should immediately contact basement waterproofing Orillia.
    4. Effect on house cooling/heating: Continuous flow of air from the basement to the top of your house will surely disturb the working of heaters and cooling machines you use. Indirectly, this is an effect on energy bills.

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    Crack Busters Water Proofing Co. is the best place to go for the repair of wet basement Midland.

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