MyWorldGo What are the casting process characteristics of cast steel?

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  • Posted On : Feb 26, 2020
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  • Description : Steel Castings are metal objects with many different shapes.
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  • Steel Castings are metal objects with many different shapes. The processing process of steel castings is very complicated but creative. What are the processing characteristics of steel castings?

    The processing and process design of large steel castings need to consider many technological factors and apply many design techniques. Some inconspicuous factors in small parts will have great influence in large parts. Large-scale cast steel has a small batch and it is difficult to test and improve the process. Its designers are required to have rich industry knowledge and design experience.

    Casting process design for steel casting processing is an important link in steel casting processing and an important technical management measure to obtain high quality and high yield cast steel. When selecting the casting process plan, the specific conditions of the casting workshop must be considered, such as the operation of casting equipment, production capacity, structure and size of steel castings, technical requirements and production quantity, etc.

    After the production process plan is decided, various casting process parameters shall be selected according to the shape, size and technical requirements of the product part drawing. Casting process parameters are determined by the characteristics of metal types and casting methods.

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