MyWorldGo How Do You Design A Garden Irrigation System In Auckland?

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  • Posted On : Mar 17, 2022
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  • Description : Having a manicured lush green garden is desired by many but only a few are able to maintain it.


  • Having a manicured lush green garden is desired by many but only a few are able to maintain it. It’s not an understatement to say that knowing everything about overwatering and underwatering the garden is somewhat like rocket science. 


    To maintain the green and healthy look of your garden , a consistent watering schedule is required. Experts suggest that for a healthy looking garden, early morning watering is ideal. In the harsh, summer weather of Auckland, watering the garden three times a week is necessary. Now planning a strict watering regime doesn’t usually spark interest in most people, so the most efficient way to have a green garden all-year-round is to invest in an automated irrigation system. 



    Irrigation New Zealand is a necessity considering the complex climate. Watering the plants on hot summer days is essential and an irrigation system is the only way to maintain the vibrant garden and conserve water at the same time. In this post, we will discuss the key tips about irrigation system design Auckland and how to get one, so keep on reading.


    Know your choices

    The first recommendation is to determine your needs and know the options available at your irrigation system supplier Auckland.

    • Pop-up sprinklers: When you are out on holiday or don’t have time to manually water the garden every day, you can choose the most loved product by the New Zealand gardeners, the mighty pop-up sprinkler. Ideal for watering grass, the sprinklers are designed to rise from the ground and spray water in the surrounding areas. Based on the application, there are various models available, like stationary or rotating and pop-ups with different heights.


    • Drip irrigation: Tiny droplets of water can be delivered directly to the roots to maintain a lush green garden with the added benefit of water conservation. Drip lines can be installed across the garden and they are an aesthetically pleasing option too.


    • Others: Apart from sprinklers and drip lines, you can also opt for micro spray jets that are best for flower beds. Another ‘set it and forget it’ option is soaker hoses. They will work best if you want to water a vegetable garden for example


    Measurements and water flow rate

    When designing an irrigation system, the first important step is to determine the pressure required to let the system work efficiently. If you currently have lower than the desired flow rate, this tells you that you need to add pumping systems in your garden irrigation system. Another useful attribute is to determine the size of the garden. Measuring the area to be irrigated is helpful in deciding if the available water flow is sufficient and will affect the design for the number of valves, pipelines or sprinkler heads.



    Quality vs budget is always a point of concern. Rather than sacrificing quality, you should pick what works best. because ultimately you may end up paying more on maintenance and repair when choosing an affordable option. Make sure to follow the guide and go with the area measurements and flow rate calculations to get a cost estimate from the experts of irrigation system design and servicing in Auckland. Better still, rather than doing the measurements and flow calculations yourself, get an irrigation expert to come onsite and do all the work for you. Most irrigation designers in Auckland and New Zealand will be happy to come onsite to do a free quote.


    Final word

    esign an efficient irrigation system that speaks of quality. Rather than spending money on expensive repairs down the track, it is best to invest in quality options that are considered efficient at the outset of your project. To learn more about designing an irrigation system in Auckland, you can visit the link below and talk to the experts in residential, commercial and golf course irrigation system design. Many of the principles used in commercial and golf course irrigation design also apply to residential irrigation projects so these experts will have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.