MyWorldGo The process of Data Recovery from iOS devices

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  • Posted On : Mar 29, 2022
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  • Description : Apple devices offer users extremely intuitive and fast methods of organization and productivity. An easy way to manage important files is to sync your iPhone or iPod with your computer by backing up iCloud. Despite these features, data loss is still a potential problem for iOS devices.
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  • Diagnoses :

    • We begin each case by diagnosing the device, thereby determining the chances of data recovery.
    • We communicate to the customer what are the chances of success of the recovery, its duration and its cost. With his approval, we move on to the next step: the recovery process.
    • First Data Recovery also works in emergency mode so you can get diagnostic service and data recovery within 24 hours of device ownership.

    The recovery process :

    • The Data Recovery activity takes place in the Cleanroom chamber, a special space where the air is filtered so that it does not contain dust particles or impurities that can destroy the recovery process.
    • We keep the support in its original state. We use a copy of the data to access it securely throughout the recovery process.
    • We abide by the “No data, no charge” policy. If the data cannot be recovered, no charge will be applied and the device will be returned to you.


    Sending data :

    • The recovered data is sent to the chosen storage medium.

    First Data Recovery is probably the only data recovery center in Romania that is properly equipped and has the necessary knowledge of data recovery on iOS mobile phones and tablets. Contact us for a free diagnosis using  the contact form .