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  • Posted By : Anton Turov
  • Posted On : Mar 30, 2022
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  • Category : General
  • Description : Change the key to end World War II


  • David Sims:
    From a Russian perspective, this is very important. Medvedev Medvedev also said that in the end it will be decided that everyone starts correctly? You need to be aware of the dangers. We think he is Russia, he thinks Ukraine is a threat to Russia, losing Ukraine is a threat to Russia.

    You, you, the heart, so the heart has something to think about when it comes to using chemical weapons, you think that when you use nuclear weapons, you are Russian-based. The most important thing is how you recognize Russian equipment, how you recognize Russian equipment. This is the first priority stated and will be Russia's biggest response, so Russia's goals are important, so they can be a strategic priority.
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