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  • There is still a need for more scientific research on microdosing with psychedelics, including psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and LSA.lsd microdose The difficulty encountered by scientists is the subjectivity of the subject. There are even scientists who suggest that the effect of microdosing is a placebo effect.

    The study Benefits and Challenges of Psychedelic Microdosing: An Empirical Code Book examines whether science can approach microdosing in a different way from traditional psychedelic research, which also examines issues such as ego death and mystical experiences.

    These do not apply to microdosing and therefore, according to this research, should not be included in questionnaires used to map the experience of people who microdose psychedelics.

    This study attempts to more fully map the effects of microdosing. It examines both the positive properties of microdosing and the negative side effects.

    Positive properties of microdosing can include:

    Mood enhancement
    more creative
    Less anxiety
    Better focus

    Negative side effects of microdosing can include:

    Physical discomfort (eg, headache)

    Macro dose vs micro dose psychedelics: differences and benefits

    The study examines microdosing communities online, including on Reddit. Here, some 40,000 members can be found in the microdosing subreddit.

    Scientific research on psychedelics is increasing and the results are very positive. This type of research mostly involves high doses, as for example in research on psilocybin as a treatment for severe depression .

    Research on psychedelic substances began as early as the 1940s. At that time, these entheogenic substances were completely new to Western science and initially received a very positive response.

    This kind of promising research on the effects of psychedelics was halted for about 40 years, during the so-called war on drugs, which began in the 1960s. During this time, all research on these psychedelics was strictly prohibited.

    Fortunately, this has now ended in 2022 and scientific research into psychedelics, including psilocybin, is flourishing. Nowadays, a lot of research has been done on the effect of psychedelics in the therapy of serious mental disorders, including PTSD.

    Also for addictions, such as an alcohol addiction, appears to be treatable through the use of psychedelics. In addition, promising results have also been obtained with people suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia.

    Although psychedelics are still generally lsd microdose illegal in most countries, recent scientific research shows that these psychedelics are of great medicinal quality and can transform people's lives in profound spiritual ways.

    Microdosing, however, is less well mapped out, leaving much of how it works shrouded in mystery. After all, how come so many people report that it has a beneficial effect on various aspects of their lives, when it is such a small amount?

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