MyWorldGo Patch 3.10.1 on Path of Exile has been released in advance

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  • Posted On : Mar 26, 2020
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  • The main update this time is to improve delirium and other diseases.On the Path of Exile's

    website, players can view the brief introduction of the upcoming 3.10.1

    version. In this version, Delirium and everything around it have been improved.

    The Delirium update is as follows:
        The first is to adjust the visual presentation of the Delirium fog to improve visibility
     Monsters and backpacks will use the Delirium Death Corrector to add various lights to

    increase skill damage display instructions
        Improved the Flameblast telegram effect, and the "Revenge Blast" modifier will generate

    severe explosive heat damage (no longer cold damage)
     Revenge of Skyfire Meteor effect has been updated
      Broken Horror telegram and shock effects and audio updated
        Ground target registration directory has added Soul Mortar ability to Vengeful Soul

    This version updates include a small portion of the POE Currency access usage standards, but

    the main part is some bug fixes and some minor updates, including:

        After updating, select the map through the map device and you can start to set tasks.
        The influence of shapers and elders can also be appropriately used in territories with

    conqueror influence
        If you have 4 watch stone levels in the atlas territory, you will get the divination

    card and Buy POE Orbs awarded to Perandus Manor. Cadiro Perandus provides you with the Perandus

    estate, of course, according to your atlas Set the appropriate area.
       Doryani's mechanical world will be lowered by one level based on the Overwatch in the

    appropriate area of ​​your atlas. This is equivalent to if you have collected 4 watch stones

    in the area containing the maze map, then at its highest level, the magical world of Doriani

    will drop there.
        When you choose "Favorite Map", the two options "Unique Map" and "Wal Temple Map" will

    no longer appear prominently.
        Enemy debuff halo will not be affected by your x% halo effect modifier.