MyWorldGo Step by Step Instructions of How to Paint a Garage Floor

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  • Description : provides a greater surface profile. Mechanical preparation can be completed by shot blasting or grinding.


  • 1. Preparation
    Concrete floors can be created with chemicals or mechanically. Each form of preparation aims to remove the top layer of concrete; removing contamination and providing a surface profile for the coating to be bonded to. The 'FeRFA' Resin Flooring Association recommends preparation is completed mechanically. Mechanical preparation reduces the risk of further contamination if the acid is not washed away properly, and provides a greater surface profile. Mechanical preparation can be completed by shot blasting or grinding. wylewki anhydrytowe

    2. Potential Problems
    Several different factors that should be beared in mind prior to the application; namely the make up of the concrete, the length of time it has been installed and the overall strength. Anhydrite screeds are not suitable to have a floor coating as they have poor tensile strength; new concrete screeds should be coated a number of times using coatings with a water base in order to stop blistering and it is important that the concrete should always have a minimum compressive strength of 25N/mm2.

    3. Product Range
    The majority of single part floor paints are not suitable for application on garage floors as they suffer from 'hot tyre picking'. Where a floor is subject to wheeled traffic, FeRFA recommends epoxy floor paints with two parts. Water based epoxy floor paints are suitable for light traffic including occasional vehicle traffic. Whereas high build epoxy paints are recommended in areas subject to regular traffic.

    4. Application
    The pot life of epoxy floor paints should be taken care of. This is due to the exothermic reaction which occurs when the two parts are mixed together, the pot life is significantly less than other paints. Care should be taken to have the area to be treated ready for application before mixing. Applicators should ensure there is enough labour to apply a full unit within 20 minutes of mixing.

    5. Curing Times
    Epoxy floor paints cure to a tack free state in 24 hours at twenty degrees Celsius and are ready for traffic after 2 days. Curing times will be shorter or longer in negative correlation with temperature. For example, at ten oC the curing time will twice as long. Applicators should consider the ground temperature is usually more than 5oC lower than the ambient temperature.