MyWorldGo The anticipating old school RuneScape's Ashihama Nightmare has been released

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  • Posted On : Apr 08, 2020
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    The shocking new team boss fought with 80 players to reduce today's release in Old School RuneScape. Along with some brand new combat mechanics, the nightmare of the Ashhama team boss's battle brings the opportunity to get some new shiny rewards.

    As the developer Jagex announced, Nightmare is a monster who settled their home under Slepe, the game town of Morytania-which caused some problems. It has been "feeding on the dreams of innocent citizens and becoming stronger every moment", so now you must defeat it once and for all. This is the first team boss unique to the classic style MMORPG in history-op focus ", according to the developers in the press release.

    Most importantly, the studio announced: "Every player participating in the battle will receive his reward, so no one needs to compete for the best loot" – and there are many places worth fighting for, including unique rewards. When a beast dies, it rarely has a chance to drop a unique item-the more damage it does, the greater the chance of getting it.

    There is an Inquisitor's mace that will cause a lot of damage and will not degenerate, a nightmare staff and three different orbs – Harmony, Volatile and Aldrich, each with its effect – and three The judge's armor is won.

    You need to cause a minimum amount of damage to get a reward. The amount of loot drop is proportional to the amount of damage caused by the attacker in battle. However, every player who makes an "enough" contribution to the battle will have a chance to pick up the third drop of water, such as pots, jars, and clue scrolls. Therefore, please stick to it.

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