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  • there are plenty of people jumping into maddening MUT Coins team now that we all have to stay indoors!as a result, the ea team is handing out a few extra rewards this week for all the players out there.starting today there is a new set of weekly objectives as well as an open door to the weekend league!ea haven’t said how long these new objectives will be in the game, so make sure to jump in quick and make the most of them!there are a bunch of new weekly objectives that are now in madden ultimate team that will give you a whole heap of rewards.

    these weekly objectives will reset on Monday each week and are mostly things people would be doing anyway so they are a nice freebie! the mut series 6 update reset the level cap to 99, and it will take some time to grind your way up to it. with huge rewards for each new level it is worthwhile getting there though. now it will be faster!for the next week only there will be double XP in madden ultimate team. this will help people catch up with their levels and unlock new rewards and challenges to complete. circle Wednesday in your calendar for new solo challenges and maybe even new masters.

    last week saw 98 over jadeveon Clowney and joe they enter the game. with a second week of content could we get big cards for drew brees, tom Brady, or other notable free agents? we hope so!the final series update for madden ultimate team is now here!mut players can expect to get mut series 6 next time they log into ultimate team.along with the free agency content that dropped earlier this week it is a busy time for players, but with no series 7, mut is likely to quiet down soon.

    still, Buy MUT Coins will be an exciting time for players.what do we know will be included?the card is 98 ovr and will cost 2,000 s6 trophies for the auctionable version, or 1,050 s6 trophies for a nat card.with so many people working from home it is expected to be a very busy time for the ea servers!of course, there is also the release of animal crossing: new horizons and doom eternal to compete with, so the playing field could be thinned a little.this will give you the chance to earn free agency players to put towards those amazing masters.