MyWorldGo Dungeon Fighter Online: Release on Steam

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  • Posted By : Amy Stephen
  • Posted On : Apr 10, 2020
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  • As early as 2016, Dungeon Fighter Online has been released on Steam, so why would it be reiterated today, mainly for the little friends of the MMOB2C website, some novices do not know much. Of course, our will also provide players with a lot of very cheap Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, which is also an important reason why many ticket players follow us. Because we never say anything.

    The Steam version of Dungeon Fighter Online also supports Steam's unique features. By playing games through Steam, users can collect a total of 44 achievements, 6 badges, and 14 trading cards.

    The DFO 101 event will allow adventurers to resurrect in unlimited amounts in Janova and Meltdown areas, increase the gold drop rate and increase the various attributes of characters at levels 1-50. The "Level Maketh Man" event will provide valuable equipment, Chronicle items and a coveted set of Oriental Outlaws Avatar. Through the Daily Login campaign, users will receive a large number of essential items such as contracts, life tokens, and FP potions.

    Steam users can also choose to purchase from four exclusive DLC packages. "More Game Pack" is a premium set that allows users to play with unlimited fatigue recovery potions and x3 growth potions for less than $ 1, while Starter Pack provides beginners and other novices All the essential benefits of Premium Plus contracts, safes and security upgrade kits, and life tokens.

    For players, the game may just be fun to pass the boring time. If you do n’t want to spend too much time on the game, then you can Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold from our MMOB2C website. Enjoying better fun. Because the quality of our service here is particularly high, the delivery speed is very fast!