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  • Description : Yes, because arrest warrants are only for those who complain about the procedure. Of course


  • This modern remake of NBC is not only pointless, it's boring and full of exposition. Sure, Blair Underwood might want the new detective to be a talkative guy ironside review , but all she does is talk, talk, talk.

    If he's old enough to remember the original Ironside, he's off the show and NBC doesn't care what he thinks anyway. But if you watch this remake, you won't be able to understand why they want to remake it.

    On the other hand, if you've never heard of Ironside and this version starring Blair Underwood is your first exposure, you also won't be able to figure out why it's being remade, or in this case, outside of Make it. for some reason.

    If they worked with an actor who was actually paralyzed and used a wheelchair, of course, maybe that would increase the level of interest. But if they use the same script, forget it. All Ironside does is harsh rhetoric and endless tirades. Yak, Yak, Yak. There is more talk and less action in Ironside than in The Newsroom.

    Blair Underwood as IRONSIDE, a detective who doesn't let little things like being shot and paralyzed slow him down in his career as a police officer. He's back at work, perhaps coping better than his former teammate (Brent Sexton), who still blames himself for Ironside's injury. In true tough-guy fashion, Ironside now investigates gritty murders, this time from the perspective of the wheelchair he uses to get around. As a result of the deal with City, he was allowed to personally pick his own team: Spencer Grammer, Neal Bledsoe and Pablo Schreiber. He also has an exasperated boss (Kenneth Choi) who doesn't like the way Ironside shakes up the suspect, but he can't argue with the outcome. Meanwhile, there is always another crime to solve and Ironside is ready.

    Blair Underwood stepped in as a much angrier and sexier Ironside, a star New York detective who was shot in the line of duty. Thanks to the big deal with the city, he gets his own building from him and a carefully selected crew, played by Pablo Schreiber, Spencer Grammer and Neal Bledsoe. He also has a boss (Kenneth Choi) who complains in the first few minutes of predictable lines like "There are procedures, damn it, they have to follow."

    Of course, the rules mean nothing to this newer, tougher Ironside, who was introduced as he beat up a suspect in the back of a police car. ("Are you really a cripple?" "You told me.") And you'll be happy to know that the same lack of respect for the rights of the defendant extends to his colleagues who think there is no point in entering an apartment without a search warrant. Yes, because arrest warrants are only for those who complain about the procedure. Of course, that doesn't apply to Ironside, who spent taxpayer money on a murder investigation Wednesday, even though he apparently already knew the outcome.

    In case you didn't miss the obvious message that Underwood was just as macho and tough in his chair as he was when he got out of it, after the detective finished, the camera stayed on Ironside and the suspect simply fired. . He made a confession. . "Hey, are you really a cripple?" the suspect asked. "You tell me," Ironside snapped. currency.