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    If your dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment, you'll be pleased to learn that modern advances make braces more comfortable and smoother and the ceramic braces cost Singapore


    Offer Discretion


    Did you know that ceramic braces are almost invisible? Choosing a colored bow will provide you with even more options. Although ceramic braces are manufactured in the same way as traditional metal brackets, they have.




    A common misconception among patients is that ceramic braces are less strong than traditional braces. Now, although the metal is harder and cruder, the design and application of ceramic brackets have been improved to ensure maximum durability. Keep in mind that if you have chosen ceramic braces to straighten your teeth, make sure your dentist is highly qualified and experienced.


    Coloured Arch Wires


    Your ceramic braces are made of clear, durable ceramic material. However, it will still have a metal belt cord. The archwire connects the brackets on the outside of your teeth. The large metal wire doesn't sound inconspicuous at all, but don't worry. You have the option of choosing a colored wire that blends in with your teeth. You can choose from several shades, including white, cool, and silver.


    Won’t Ruin Your Pictures


    If the perfect Kodak moment arises when wearing ceramic braces, don't miss it. With ceramic braces, you don't feel the need to step away from the camera, unlike traditional metal braces. Knowing that your straightforward smile will soon look just as nice, you can smile with ease and ease.


    Faster Treatment Times


    The ceramic brace is a common alternative to traditional metal braces and also offers careful rearranging. Depending on the needs of the patient, ceramic braces may be an ideal option. However, Ceramic braces treatment requires the use of trays for 20-22 hours per day. These custom-made trays can be removed while eating, drinking, brushing, flossing, drinking, and playing sports. In some cases, patients who remove their aligners during the day may forget or lose their alignments.


    Easy Removal


    When the day of removal arrives and you have finished the treatment, your appointment will go smoothly. This is because technological advances have made ceramic braces easier to remove than their predecessors.