MyWorldGo Who Is Better Flannel And Coral Fleece?

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  • Posted On : May 10, 2022
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  • Description : You can judge by understanding flannel fleece and coral fleece fabric to know which of them is warmer


  •     You can judge by understanding flannel fleece and coral fleece fabric to know which of them is warmer, which is more suitable for sticking to the skin, and which is more suitable for making skirts.

        Flannel, a wool blend, is one of the current clothing materials. The suede is covered with a layer of plump and clean fluff. It has been strictly controlled from material selection to workmanship. It has the characteristics of various velvet materials, which are warm, breathable, super skin-friendly, no pilling, and no fading. In coral fleece, the fluff is coral-shaped, and the fiber surface is honeycomb-shaped. It mainly uses 100% ultra-fine composite fibers, which have super suction. First of all, the flannel is thicker, and the close-fitting effect and skin-friendly effect are first-class. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to wash and so thick! Coral fleece is thinner than flannel, also warm, and easier to wash.

        At present, flannel is relatively popular. Some people think that flannel is an upgraded version of coral velvet, but it is not the same. The two are not the same thing. Because the texture, comfort, and appearance of flannel are slightly better than coral velvet, now flannel is slowly replacing coral velvet as a new product, and flannel may gradually replace coral velvet in the future. If it is close-fitting clothes, it is better to use coral velvet material, its soft fabric, delicate texture, beautiful appearance, and rich colors, are suitable for close-fitting clothing.

        And flannel is suitable for making trousers, tops, children's clothing, etc., and thin ones can also be used as fabrics for shirts and skirts.

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