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  • Posted By : Erika Rhein
  • Posted On : May 12, 2022
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  • Description : You may have come to the right place if you are having difficulty getting a good night's rest after a hectic day. Sleep is very important for the human body in terms of healing and relaxing muscles.
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  • If you are someone struggling to get a good quality sleep after a super hectic day, then you may have come to the right place. Sleep is very essential for the human body in terms of healing and relaxing the muscles. It allows the body to relax and the mind to recharge, making you feel rejuvenated when you wake up. The vitality of a better-quality sleep is indescribable, because the lack of sleep may act as a barrier for the brain to function properly. 


    Nowadays, people are taking various kinds of pills and supplements to get a good night’s sleep, but still the results are not desirable. In this case, cannabis may help you out by procuring you a good sleep. Taking cannabinoids aids in binding the receptors, they send the signals to boost the sleep-promoting adenosine levels and quell the brain’s arousal system. Cannabis falls into two categories namely, Indica and Sativa. 


     There’s a misconception regarding cannabis that they only promote sleep after consumption but, it’s a fallacy. The inducing of sleep depends upon the category of cannabis being taken by an individual, because some cannabis may also have an opposite effect. The Indica category is mainly concerned to induce sleep, Sativa strains have an opposite effect of uplifting, that’s suitable for the activities. 


    As the cases of sleeping disorders had been witnessed accelerating in recent years, the medical professionals and researchers are now recommending Indica strains like Hindu Kush strain and other for better quality sleep with no repercussions. 


    What is Indica? 

    The LSD weed Indica, well-known for its sleep-inducing, physically sedating, and heavy effects. The Indica strain is also approved for its pain-relieving properties because it helps in the relaxation of every muscle in the body. It also delivers tranquilizing effects in the body that, allows users to have naps that can last for hours. 


    Indica strains are obtained from the cannabis Indica plant, which is generally smaller and bushier than its Sativa counterpart. Generally, the Indica strains are linked with more of a body high and give a feeling of being relaxed. 


    Top Indica strains for inducing sleep  

    The Indica strains of cannabis are effective sources to induce better sleep. This is due to their physical relaxation and stress-relieving properties. So, let’s discuss some top indica strains for inducing better sleep. 


    Hindu Kush  

    It is also called “Hindi Kush”, which is a category of pure Indica marijuana strain. It was named after the Hindu Kush mountains range. It comes in a skunky, earthy flavor which has a sweet flowery on the exhale. Due to its purity, it is best paired with sleeping and doing nothing. 


    Banana OG hash 

    Banana OG strain is also an Indica-dominant legendary cross of Ghost OG. It possesses creamy and pungent flavors. The hash is so delicate that it can be crumbled easily. It also aids to facilitate complete relaxation, once taken. 


    LSD weed Indica 

    LSD weed indica is a disease-resistant plant that can be grown in any condition whether indoor or outdoor. This helps in dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. It is known for procuring cerebral and euphoric effects.